Having a clear idea of your page's "message" shapes design concepts

This redesign shows a way to appeal to a broad audience once you understand that audience's needs. The redesign depended on a coherent definition of what the Web page needed to convey, as described by the company and by page visitors. Defining the needs of the company and its visitors made the design simpler, clearer, and more effective.

This page design was done on spec for a prospective client. It shows how information architecture can be combined with graphical design to produce a clean and professional look.


  • Large page
  • Scattered information
  • Incoherent levels of organization
  • No graphical style
  • Erratic branding

See full-sized original (new window)


  • Target content at likely user types (clear information scent)
  • Highlight important output
  • Consistent navigation
  • Clear branding
  • Smaller presentation for quicker comprehension

See full-sized redesign (new window)

Click the buttons to see the Before (no design) and After (my design) appearances

Each page shows the same content. No information was deleted in the redesign.